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    Documents RequiredPakistan


    Need Original passport which must be valid for 6 months and at least 2 blank pages.

    Pakistani Visa Application Form:

    Need Pakistani Visa Application form singed copy.

    Photo Requirements:

    We need 2 passport size colour photographs with white background, taken within last 6 months.

    Letter of invitation from Pakistan:

    A good quality copy of sponsor person or company letter from Pakistan required. Letter must state sponsor contact details and applicant full name.

    Flights Ticket:

    Applicant must provide airline ticket and hotel booking.

    Bank Statements:

    Applicant must provide original Bank statements which show evidence of sufficient funds to support stay in Pakistan.

    Proof of Address:

    We need your proof of address by providing any utility bill, bank statements or UK driving licence.

    Pakistani Expired Passport:

    If applicant provide old expired passport with application so he can request discount for applicant based on provided old expired Pakistani passport.

    NOTE: Indian or Afghan National:

    Indian and Afghan nationals must apply Pakistani visa in person. 

    Visa Fee British / Pakistan
    Dual National
    British National
    Single Entry 80.00 140.00
    Double Entry 104.00 158.00
    Multiple (1 Year) 206.00 368.00
    Multiple (2 Year) 206.00 368.00
    Multiple (5 Year) 326.00 518.00
    Visa Fee for Under the age of 18 years
    Visa Fee British / Pakistan
    Dual National
    British National
    Single Entry 59.00 140.00
    Double Entry 71.00 158.00
    Multiple (1 Year) 122.00 368.00
    Multiple (2 Year) 122.00 368.00
    Multiple (5 Year) 182.00 518.00

    We charge £50 as an admin fee for Pakistani Visa per applicant.


    India_180-animated-flag-gifsDocuments Required

    Photographs two recent identical colour photos with white background – 50mm x 50mm (Embassy does not accept the regular passport size).

    UK Passport Valid for minimum 6 months with at least 2 blank pages.

    Need hotel booking with full address.

    It must be signed twice (under the photograph, and at the bottom of the form)

    Please complete online and print (and sign twice) but do not pay.

    Children under 16 are required to provide these documents:

    Copy of full birth certificate.

    Copy of both parents passport information pages.

    A copy of any Indian visa held by either parent.

    An original consent letter signed by both parents.

    UK applicants with Indian origin:

    Under Indian law, Persons of Indian Origin who have acquired foreign Nationality are required to surrender their Indian passports to the nearest Indian Mission/Post immediately after acquisition of foreign citizenship. This must occur before applying for a visa. A copy of the surrender certificate must be produced along with the documents above to apply.

    UK applicants of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Somalia and Sri Lankan origin: These Above nationalities holder visa application will take longer to process (up to 3 months). The embassy will hold the passport and may charge extra fees as well as requesting extra documentation.

    UK applicants with Pakistan origin: are requested to apply directly to the embassy.


    Visa Fee Embassy Fees Service Fees Total Fees
    Tourist Visa 89.44 50.56 140.00



    mn-chinDocuments Required

    UK Passport Valid for minimum 6 months with blank pages.

    Photographs 1 recent colour photo with white background – Passport size.

    Invitation letter from a Chinese Organisation or a permanent resident in China OR Return flight booking and hotel reservation.

    Visa Fee Embassy Fees Service Fees Total Fees
    Single Entry (3 Months) 66.00 64.00 130.00
    Double Entry 81.00 69.00 150.00
    Multiple (6 Months) 126.00 64.00 190.00

    Documents RequiredDubai Flag

    Applications from some countries of residence are required to pay a USD $272.50 refundable security deposit plus taxes, which is refunded after the visa holder leaves Dubai.

    All visa fees, service fees and taxes are non-refundable for all applications, including unsuccessful applications.

    How to apply and pay

    Applications can be made a maximum of 58 days or a minimum of four international working days prior to travel. Emirates and VFS recommend you apply as far in advance as possible.

    All applicants must have a passport which is valid for at least six months upon date of entry into the UAE.

    To complete the application, all applicants require clear electronic scans of the following:

    * Passport information/picture page(s)

    * A passport-size photo

    * Appropriate proof of UK residence

    * Emirates Ticket

    Visa Fee Embassy Fees Service Fees Total Fees
    Transit (96 Hours) 44.00 26.00 70.00
    Double Entry 60.00 26.00 86.00
    Multiple (6 Months) 124.00 26.00 150.00